When you have your own business, you know there’s more to it than the actual business. And we both know you didn’t start that business to spend all your non-working time up to your eyeballs in administration, accounting, marketing, customer service, and advertising—rather than spending it with family or friends.

That’s where All Hours Virtual Services comes in. I’m an administration professional with over 30 years’ experience.  I can help you get your free time back.


By taking on many of those necessary, yet time-consuming, tasks.

At All Hours Virtual Services, I will work with you to create a personalized plan of service, covering all the areas you need help with.

The first half-hour consultation is free. I have found that this is enough time to get the foundations of what you need, and the schedule you want for it. It may be necessary to allocate more time to set up everything, but once the basic infrastructure is set up, you will see savings in money and—more importantly—your time.


These days, most things are done online: taxes, accounting, basic record-keeping. All Hours Virtual Services can scan your paper records and upload them into your online accounting and filing systems. This includes your current paper-based accounting.

Why should you use ‘the cloud’?

  • Your records and files are available anytime and anywhere you need them.
  • Share access to vital records with your accountant or other professionals. No more searching paper files for that one vital item come tax time.
  • Most cloud services such as iCloud, Drop Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive are free for basic access. All you need is an account. (Some people find they never need the paid service.)
  • Many accounting programs are fully online and can be integrated with your bank account. Most are integrated with services such as PayPal, Square, and Stripe for accepting payments.
  • You can immediately take a picture of a paper receipt or check and upload it to your files.

Many small businesspeople worry about cloud-based records. They feel safe with paper or USBs.

The beauty of the cloud is automatic backup. If anything happens to your computer, nothing’s lost or corrupted. All records are safely stored—even if you lose or forget your passwords, All Hours Virtual Services will have them safely stored.

Social Media

This is one of the major marketing tools for businesses, now. Most have the bare minimum of a website and Facebook page, some have more. But how can you utilize them to best advantage for your business?

  • I can manage your website and social media presence for you, making regular posts to draw new customers and engage existing ones.
  • Together, we can create offers for new and current customers.

So What Next?

Whether you need ongoing assistance, or help with a single project, then we can help you.   Check out our Services and Pricing and then why not send a request for a Free Consultation!


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